Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keep An Eye Your Books

Who needs a laugh? How about a laugh at our embarrassing expense? Just the other day I logged into Apple's iTunes to review our copy for Catching Santa. It's a good idea to keep a titles copy fresh. Something that resonated last year may not resonate a year later. After reading the copy I noticed that iTunes was suggesting other titles by Marc Franco. I found this odd because our Marc Franco has one title. I confirmed this with a quick call then grabbed my mouse and scrolled down to see more books by Marc. 
Never in a million years did I expect to see the shiny bronze topless torso of a man sporting a hardhat and blue jeans. A few more clicks of the mouse and my fears were confirmed. Our children's Christmas book and author had been linked to two Gay Erotica titles by an author named Marc Franco. And to think that these books were being suggested to Children’s book patrons. What a gaffe on Apples part. See the screen shots below if you are curious to see the books. I immediately contacted Apple. Surprisingly, they resolved the database error within 24 hours-- removing all references to the other Marc Franco. As embarrassing as this was we still had a good laugh.  

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